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Exolox is a manufacturing product development design firm specializing in Universal Strut Channel Residential and Commercial Architectural Systems.

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CEO Anthony Read is available to quote custom project design, renderings, web development, mechanical engineering services, architectural metal detailing, conceptualization, and design for manufacture meeting our highly ambitious quality and service commitments.

We are able to design and set up your entire supply chain through our relationships with manufacturers large and small. If you are looking for rapid prototyping, small volume, or at scale, exo is capable of bringing you to market with unbelievable speed.

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This helical ball lamp was a commissioned sculptural art project inspired by Paterra pendant light, but I wanted it to be able to move easily vertically. So this ball light is actually a trapeze with 2 adjustable cables that deliver power to the light not needing a cord. It is built exclusively with UL listed components and best practices.



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