Anthony Read is the founder of exolox, and has over 15 years of experience with AutoCAD, Solidworks & precision rapid development with CNC machinery. He’s knowledgeable with nearly every modern and manual manufacturing process to create from raw materials with ease.
Beginning at age 15 he began drafting for the family business. His father is a cabinetry and fine finish general contractor who worked with grandfather, an architect, designing and building  high end work together.

Self sustainability, designing, and building is more than in the blood - it’s life.

Anthony is experienced with many trades at a high level, working with cutting edge furniture, cabinetry, granite, marble, glass, UL listed lighting and electrical, architectural metal fabrication, stained glass and more in his career as an independent designer/engineer around the country, working in Seattle, Portland, NYC, SF Bay Area, and now Spokane for the past 6 years.
If it’s a construction industry or CNC machining project, Anthony has the skills and experience to not only design it, but program, optimize, operate, fabricate, finish and ensure the highest quality product.

Anthony and his wife Camille moved to Spokane from Brooklyn nearly 6 years ago to start their family (4 children under 4yrs old) and has been busy serving the local Spokane/Coeur d’Alene  manufacturing industry, able to keep wifey at home loving the babies. Now that they are *probably* finished building a bigger family, he is ready to turn his focus to growing exolox and begin releasing the products he has worked so hard to develop on the side over that span.


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