The EXO design process is very straightforward.

Wether it is our proprietary system, or we are working on developing yours, we have 1 goal.


EXPRESSION - Beginning with a concept, we research the market, find the need for solutions within it, and create a list of possible features and selling points. We then make some calls and begin asking around what relevant players think of it.

DRAWING - Next we begin to sketch out the solutions, thinking ahead to how it will be delivered. At this stage we are creating dozens of possibilities in quick succession with no commitment to any viable possibility.

DESIGN - After a great deal of sketching has taken place and we have begun to favor a handful of prospective solutions, we begin to input the sketches into CAD to visualize it and be able to further communicate the idea in order to refine the features and selling points.

ENGINEERING - When design has narrowed down the possibilities, we begin to engage with our domestic and international manufacturing partners to refine the design for production. Often times this phase goes back and forth with design several times until theories are confirmed.
Once engineering is settled on the best course of action, we order prototypes to be made. Several refinements may happen after the first prototype, largely depending on the scale, pickiness, and other requirements of the project.

PRODUCTION 1 - A line is drawn in the sand and the samples have been approved for the first production run. Again keeping it simple, a conservative order is placed to get hands on sale-able product as quickly as possible. Often times adjustments need to be made that make you feel grateful in making small orders.

PRODUCTION 2 - Initial customers are enjoying the product and beginning to spread the word. Momentum is building and we need to stay on top of it by preparing to place MOQs to begin driving costs down and begin ramping up and training. 

PRODUCTION 3 - There may have been some hiccups along the way, but our commitment to exceptional service and communication has maintained the 5-star guarantee. You are set up for repeat customers with amazing vendors that supply you with everything you need. We honor all products with a 100% satisfaction pledge, and will go above and beyond to make it right. For life.

Whatever stage you’re in, we are here to serve and contribute to the future of your project or business. For life.

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