the only railing. for life.


Minimal, modern, and strong.

EXO Stainless/Steel Hybrid Architecture creates the best lifetime value for your outdoor living project.

Thick, sustainable, structural tubes finished with the best powdercoat for exterior applications is dually protected by a hand rubbed ceramic coating allowing unlimited touchup, fade, and scratch resistance.

For Life.

what is unistrut?

Strut Handrails

We use Genuine Unistrut Channels as our modular handrail enabling quick and seamless installation.

Strut has been the global industry standard for nearly every trade for over a century of reliable structural uses with easy installation.

Our systems are all built around unistrut, providing you with the strength, economics, and fun accessories that we are continuously releasing for your maximum enjoyment.

seamless waterfall railing sections


Entire sections of railing are factory made and pre-assembled for easy on-site installation.

All hardware is the ultimate in corrosion resistance, 316 stainless steel, machined in the USA for a lifetime of low maintenance beauty.

universal mounting options


When it comes to installation, all you need to consider is if it's mounted on the top or side. Each project poses it's own set of challenges, so we provide the best of both worlds.

SIDE mounted posts maximize the usable square footage, are less expensive, and will never stub your toes.

TOP mounted posts feature a beautiful chamfered fastener concealing cap,

All EXO Posts feature holes perfectly spaced for the double 2x lumber typically below. Never install into a single 2x beam.

proprietary joiners and connectors


EXO Internal strut joiners replace industry standard strut nuts whenever a seam, miter, or stair transition is needed in a project.

The serrated grooves in the plate grips the inside leg of the unistrut just like the typical nut, providing exceptional slip and long-term stability over the life of the installation.

Our posts are 3x smaller, but are actually stronger than all aluminum posts, and facilitate bending corners and longer stretches of cable railing, exponentially reducing overall system cost.

precision engineered for laser perfection


EXO manufactures innovative railing solutions, made possible through state of the art advances in fiber laser technology.

Our products simply can't be made by hand.

316 stainless cable tensioners


All EXO Posts arrive factory pre-assembled for extremely fast on site installation.

You will love how quickly the entire system installs.

Wether you are installing a waterfall seamless railing, or individual EXO Posts, we make it extremely easy to get that permit stamped for occupancy.

These posts will always meet code, and the thick steel tubes are 3x stronger than any aluminum system on the market.

suspended glass and panels


EXO Strut Scissors are a beautiful way of installing glass and artistic panels allowing for tool-free cleaning and customization.

The unique patented scissor clamps fit inside of the Universal Strut Channel and allow any panel up to 1/4" thick to be gripped by the most reliable and easy to use panel mechanism invented.

full spectrum magnetic lighting


EXO Magnetic Spot Strip Lights are an extremely bright circadian tunable full spectrum grow light.

They hide inside unistrut, and can also attach to any steel surface with ease thanks to the magnetic backer, meaning corrugated tin roofing, gutters and more are perfectly suited for hosting these lights requiring no fasteners or adhesives.

They provide the brightest, healthiest, full spectrum light source with highly efficient focusing spot optics that penetrate deep into the foliage, and far away from the source for maximum benefit.

Also available in color programmable RGB LED's when you're looking for pure bright fun.