It is very easy to specify and install your railing system using this simple step by step guide.

The EXO Railing system is the simplest, cleanest and most advanced railing system on the market, packed with loads of extra features and future accessories.

Standard solid copper building wire has clearance through the center of the post and smooth edges that won’t cut the jacket to run down all posts, allowing for seamless installation of technology products anywhere desired concealed within the handrail and thru the deck below.




The first step is to consider your space and choose top or side mounted posts for each run. EXO seamless modular posts can be installed and used either / or where best suited.

We recommend side mounting the posts whenever possible to reduce cost and maximize the deck usable square footage.


FIRST, INSTALL THE POSTS, the end posts are positioned 2-3” from the wall/end on center, but also should be centered on double 2x lumber or other structural floor.

Top mounted posts have 5/16” diameter holes 1-3/4” o/c to squarely hit the structural 2x wood members below without requiring additional bracing. Above, you can see the beautiful chamfered top cap, which keep the fasteners clean and prevent most water from making its way down the threads deteriorating the structural deck. It also prevents you from receiving purple toes, since your flip flops or sandals will kick the cap, but your toes will not. 

Side mounted posts are 7” longer to allow for mounting the post to the deck from the sides. Always anchor into at least 3” thick of structural member thickness not including decorative decking or fascia board. Spacers are required if deck surface has a lip to offset the post from the fascia outside of the overhang to avoid notching the deck board.

Always verify posts are square, anchored securely, and evenly spaced with a 4 foot max to prevent cables from bending beyond IRC Code.

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