We use the HAAS 1/8" Axis Cable tensioners in our cable railing system because it is hands down the cleanest turnbuckle and swage fitting for the maximum lifespan thanks to its long stroke, affordable price, and easy to use functionality.

They are made in New Orleans from premium 316 stainless steel by E-Rigging on Swiss screw machines by skilled machinists and backed by a company with extraordinary customer service.

Our EXO POSTS are uniquely designed to go up and down stairs and around corners without adding additional runs and hardware. We recommend using tensioning ends on both ends of the run in any circumstances that bend or go around corners because the price difference is very small compared to doubling up the amount of end posts and hardware.

In addition to the finished railing being sexier with less hardware, the cable tensioning around corners makes it significantly stronger than just having the handrail joining the corner.

E-Rigging was nice enough to supply us with individual system components so that we can pass the savings on to you. Posts are pre-fabricated using precision CNC machinery for speed and accuracy ensuring a perfect installation every time.

Grab a spool of Polished 316 Cable and the required cutting and swaging tools to easily install your railing system with no cable drilling or marking required.

Simply crimp one end of the cable and attach it to the end post after mounting the hand rail, before stringing the cable thru all mid posts. Turn the tensioning turnbuckle to make it as long as possible and install it into the tensioning end post. Ensure the cable is pulled tight around any corners and stair transitions and that there is no slack before cutting the cable lined up at the base of the opposing swage end of the turnbuckle. Remove the swage end turnbuckle stud and crimp/swage it with the approved tools before pulling it snug but not tight.

Gently tension each cable from the center out, alternating top/bottom until you achieve the desired aesthetic. It is best to not over-tension the railing during initial installation, but to show the owner how to easily tension it further when needed for life and further care for the materials through proper cleaning and lubrication.

See more details about the cable hardware at E-Rigging.

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