Our proprietary joiner plates are designed to seamlessly join 2 sections of strut channel on any flat surface. They feature a serrated groove that bites into the inside leg of the handrail channel for an extremely strong hold that won’t ever slip, removing the need for welding and blending a seamless handrail.

To use the joiner plates, you need to screw the plate onto the 2 posts at the intersection before mounting the posts into the structural deck or floor. After the posts are anchored and plum, remove the plates and make your cuts of the handrail so that they line up flush. After cutting the handrail, file or sand it smooth to remove any burrs or sharp edges from the cut.

Next you’ll need to use some of the ceramic clearcoat that protects the powdercoating on a microfiber cloth, and rub it over the exposed steel cut edge, sealing and protecting it from ever rusting.

The joiner plates are most often used on a mitered 90 degree corner or straight section that is longer than 20’.  If the railing is significantly longer than 20' we recommend using the double post joiner, if it is not over 35', feel free to use a single post joiner.

We can also custom make joiner plates upon request if you tell us what angle is required.

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