Unistrut makes an amazing handrail and meets all IRC code for graspable surfaces. We make our ADA waterfall handrails from a single stick of unistrut, then partial depth miter cut it with a precision 5-axis saw, allowing us to then bend the angle by hand, creating a beautifully soft radius at all corners that can’t be accomplished any other way.

Our seamless waterfall handrails are designed to extend beyond the top and bottoms stairs 12”, then waterfall, or terminate into the ground with our typical mounting end bracket welded on. All miter intersections are fully welded and blended in before being powder-coated. After powder-coat, we hand rub a ceramic clear coat to provide that extra layer of protection with a smooth, hard, and chemical and UV resistant finish that only comes from a ceramic coating.

If you don’t need railing infill because the handrail isn’t protecting a 3’ or higher edge, you can simply use EXO blank posts and mount the handrail where needed. Because the ADA hand railings require complex and accurate miter cutting, we support all purchases with full 3D CAD support and made to order installation instructions so you know exactly what to do for your project.

Simply check out with this product and we’ll contact you ASAP to customize your solution to exacting specifications.

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