Anthony Read is the founder of exolox and a masterful architectural metal detailer. He is typically the communicator between an architect's vision and a fabricator's ability to actually build it. He delivers the most simple and easy to build designs, in a way that communicates what each side needs to exacting specifications.

If you are interested in hiring exolox for architectural engineering, product or project development services, he brings innovative quality and manufacturability to any project.

If your product features any metal components, he can facilitate all other components with a broad industrial design, traditional and state of the art manufacturing knowledge. 

Anthony is most passionate with prefabricated flat pack architectural metal products, such as stairs, railings, decks/balconies, large pivot doors, canopies, pergolas, garden trellis', water features, planters, and more. He's specialized in tube laser cutting and laser welding, sheet metal design, forming, and fine metal finishing. 

Although experienced with stainless, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and glass, he prefers to utilize EXO Proprietary Stainless/Steel Hybrid materials in all designs when possible. The materials combine perfectly, all steel parts are welded with stainless steel or silicon bronze filler wires, and all edges are broken to powdercoat exceptionally well, topped off with a hand rubbed ceramic clearcoat for the maximum lifespan and durability.

Steel is significantly harder than aluminum, heats up less in the sun, the welds will never crack, and when all seams and holes are protected with stainless steel hardware and a beautiful hand rubbed ceramic coating, there is simply no better way to build economically with metal to achieve the heirloom quality desired.

This product is formatted to provide scaling discounts for large, ongoing projects, simply check out with a single hour and he will contact ASAP to discuss your project and provide you with an accurate estimate and lead time.

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